Primary Care Network


Chippenham, Corsham and Box PCN

There have been huge changes in primary care and increasingly the best person for you to see may not be your GP but a specialist such as a physiotherapist or mental health practitioner. A primary care network or PCN consists of groups of general practices working together with a range of local providers, including across primary care, community services, social care and the voluntary sector, to offer more personalised, coordinated health and social care to their local populations.

Lodge Surgery has joined together with Rowden, Hathaway, Porch and Box Surgeries to form the Chippenham, Corsham and Box Primary Care Network (CCB PCN) and we are finding new ways to work more closely together. We have not merged with these practices and patients continue to be registered with us at Lodge.

The PCN aims:

  • to focus services around local communities,
  • to help rebuild and reconnect the primary healthcare team across the area,
  • alleviate workload,
  • to be practice-led, as ensured by LMCs (local medical committees) and CCGs (clinical commissioning groups) and
  • to allow GPs and primary care practitioners to deliver a new model of care for their patients and communities.

Examples include receiving same-day access to a physiotherapist working in another practice across our network and being seen in our “Hot Hub” where we are reviewing any suspected coronavirus patients in a separate, clean and safe environment. 

Shared Administration

To enable the practices in the PCN to work more closely together, we need to improve the way that we access our patients’ notes. In September 2020, we adopted a process called “Shared Administration.”

This means that clinicians and those administrative staff, who have been granted permission, will be able to access the notes of all of our patients in all of the five practices across our PCN. This will allow us to provide improved care to patients.

Examples include our “Hot Hub” where we are reviewing any suspected coronavirus patients in a separate, clean and safe environment away from the other 5 practices to ensure everyone’s safety. Patients can also benefit from same-day access to a physiotherapist working in another practice across our network.


Worried about your data?

How secure is my data and who can access it?

We want to reassure you that all of the GP practices in our PCN have very strict rules about how and when our patients’ notes can be accessed and that your ongoing privacy is of the utmost importance to us. If you still have concerns or questions that have not been answered on here please contact the surgery and we will do our best to help you.

Can I opt out of this?

It is possible for you to opt out of this new way of sharing access to your medical notes, but this may restrict the ways that we are able to provide care for you. If you do wish to opt out please contact the surgery on 01249 479809 or email us at and we will update your records.


Covid Vaccinations

Vaccinations for eligible patients are being held at Rowden Surgery on behalf of the PCN with the five surgeries working together to arrange invitations as well as adminstering the vaccines. Vaccination appointments are by invite only so please do not attend for a vaccination if you have not been invited as you will be turned away.

Rowden have clear signage and an easy to follow system to direct you on the day as well as friendly marshalls to assist you.  We are currently working through Cohort 9 and second vaccines.

Please do not call us about your vaccine - if your records show you are eligible we will contact you.