SystmOnline - Online Services


SystmOnline is the software we use to store your medical information.  Patients are able to access it themselves via a secure account which gives access to:

  • Booking appointments
  • Cancelling appointments
  • Viewing appointment history
  • Requesting repeat prescriptions
  • Viewing repeat medications
  • Viewing Patient Record
  • Viewing NHS number
  • Viewing vaccination history
  • Viewing test results

Patients have a secure login and can access their account at any time via a PC, tablet or phone. The account can also be linked to apps such as the NHS app.

Register for Online Services

To register for an online account please complete the registration form.  Your login information will be sent to you securely via SMS or email.  If you wish to collect a printed login you will need to attend in person bringing a form of photo identification with you such as a passport or work ID.  Each patient requires their own login and has their own account.  Children must be aged 11 or over to have their own account.  Parents wishing to have online access for their children will need to complete proxy access forms (see below).

When you log in for the first time you will be required to change your password to something easily memorable to you. When you successfully log in you will have immediate access to appointment booking and the ability to request a repeat prescription.  If you would like to see more of your record you can request access to your Summary Record as well as your Full Clinical Record (which has superseded the now obselete Detailed Coded Record).  Click on the Add button and your request will be processed within three weeks. 


Accessing Your Records via an App

Using an App?

You can download an app to access your medical records.  When you have downloaded your chosen app and set up your log in details, it will ask you to provide your Account ID, Passphrase and Organisation Code (provided when you set up your online services account). Once you have entered this information it will automatically connect to the practice and request our authorisation.  Once we have actioned this, your app will be ready to access.

Please note that you must have an online services account set up in order to use an app and that if you wish to view your Full Clinical Record you will need to request it through your online services account. Go to Account, Manage Online Services and then click the Request box next to the Full Clinical Record option.

Proxy Access to Medical Records

If you book appointments or request medication for a relative or someone you care for, it is possible to have online access, known as proxy access, to do this. A Consent to Proxy Access form must be signed by the person (this includes children over the age of 11). Proxy access given to parents is automatically halted when the child turns 14 and must be re-requested or the child can have their own online account.

The person being given proxy access does not have to be registered with us.

To request proxy access please complete the form available here and hand in to the surgery where it will be processed within three weeks.

Problems Logging In?

Please note that after 5 incorrect login attempts your account will be disabled.  You will need to request a new password from us which you can do by calling or emailing us at 

For any other queries about your account or for help logging in, requesting prescriptions, booking appointments or password issues please see the SystmOnline Guide for Patients. It has helpful, step by step instructions to assist you with using your account.